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Gel Overlays & Extensions

The Gel Bottles award-winning Builder in a Bottle (BIAB) is the perfect multi-tasker. Whether it is sculpting strong overlays, a strengthening layer for natural nails or the 'glue' that keeps your nail extensions perfect for 4+ weeks, BIAB is strog and durable.

Gel Overlay


Keep your nails strong & long with the amazing BIAB (builder in a bottle) from TGB. Choose from clear,a range of nudes or add a gel polish coloue & watch your nails GROW! Last 3+ weeks. Approx 60 mins.

Ghost Manicure


Are you in a job where nail polish is banned? This manicure uses a clear overlay & matte top coat to create the illusion of  bare nails but with the added strength of a gel overlay. Approx 60 mins.

Gel Overlay


No need to soak off, reducing the drying effects of acetone. We remove the top layer of gel, infill the growth & refine the shape. The infill/rebalance price depends on the gap in between appointments


21 day infill

28 day infill

over 28 days (remove & reapply)

Nail Biters

A 6 week program involving 4 regular nail treatments. Nails are strengthened with BIAB making them difficult to pick or chew. Every 14 days your nails will be reshaped, BIAB will be rebalanced & you will be given advice on how to break the habit of biting, picking & chewing. On the 4th appointment, we add colour polish to show off your newly manicured nails.

Gel Nail Extensions

with DESIGNEX PRO Tips. Get instant, show-stopping nails with pre-buffed full cover tips made with a durable polymer with a high tensile strength that wont split or crack for up to 4 weeks wear.. Designex Pro extensions can be infilled once before needing removal & new set.

Gel Extensions

Infilling growth, rebalancing the shape & length. No more than 2 rebalances is recommended. After 2 rebalances, full removal & reapplication is required. Infill must be done within 4 weeks. Approx 70 mins

Remove & fresh set

Full removal of gel extensions. Includes file, tidy & nail conditioning treatment. Additional charge may apply if removing another technicians/salon products. Please call us before booking.

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