Overlays and Extensions wellbeing

Gel Overlay


Keep your nails strong & long with the amazing BIAB (builder in a bottle) from TGB. Choose from clear or a range of nudes & watch your nails GROW! Last 3+ weeks. Approx 60 mins.

Ghost Manicure


Are you in a job where nail polish is banned? This manicure uses a clear overlay & matte top coat to create the illusion of  bare nails but with the added strength of a gel overlay. Approx 60 mins.

Gel Overlay

with colour polish


After we have applied strengthening overlay, choose from one of 90 gel polish colours nail salon

Gel Overlay


add £5.00

No need to soak off, reducing the drying effects of acetone. We remove the top layer of gel, infill the growth & refine the shape. You are good to go for another 3+ weeks. Approx 90 mins.

Nail Biters



A 6 week program. Nails are strengthened with BIAB making them difficult to pick or chew. Every 14 days your nails will be reshaped. On the 4th appointment we add colour polish.

Gel Nail Extensions

A choice of either glue on nail tips or sculpted to extend the length of your natural nail. Add gelpolish cover for an extra £5. Approx 90 mins.

Gel Extensions

Infilling growth, rebalancing the shape & length. No more than 2 rebalances is recommended. After 2 rebalances, full removal & reapplication is required. Approx 90 mins


Full removal of gel extensions. Includes file, tidy & nail conditioning treatment. Additional charge may apply if removing another technicians/salon products. Please call us before booking.