Manicures & Pedicures nail salon

Classic Manicure


An aromatic hand soak to soften cuticles. File & tidy. Moisturising hand massage. FInished with nail polish application. Approx 45 mins.

Classic Pedicure


Aromatic foot soak. Foot exfoliation. Moisturising foot massage. Cuticle tidy. File. Polish. Approx 45 mins.

Classic Pedicure

with Gel Polish


Same as above but we replace standard polish with gel polish for a longer lasting pedicure. Approx 55 mins

Spa Pedicure

(no polish)


A real treat. Soothing aromatic foot soak. Lower leg & foot exfoliation. Thermal moisturising mask. Scalp or hand massage. Lower Leg & Foot Massage. Cuticle & nail tidy. Approx 50 mins

Spa Pedicure

(standard polish)


Same as the above but with the addition of nail polish. **Dont forget your flip flops**

Approx 60 mins.

Spa Pedicure

(Gel Polish)


The same spa pedicure but with gel polish. Instantly dry polish so no need for flip flops. Approx 75 mins.

Trim & Tidy



This is perfect if you for your foots' wellbeing if you struggle to reach your toes to maintain your feet. We will cut & tidy the nails. We can also tidy up the cuticles for an extra £2.00