Elements of Asia

Taking inspiration from ancient bodywork techniques like Ayurveda & Meridians from India, Japan, Korea & Thailand, these asian-inspired treatments follow the principles of Qi or 'Vital Life Force' designed to improve physical, emotional & mental wellbeing

Indian Head Massage


Begins with a back massage focusing on the upper back & shoulders followed by an invigorating massage of the neck, scalp, head & face inspired by Ayurveda. This treatment is great for those suffering with headaches & muscular pain. 40 mins.

Jiao Chi Foot Massage


A soothing yet invigorating treatment to the lower legs and feet to soothe tired feet and to balance the meridians. It uses fingertips and crystals to stimulate the acupressure points of the feet to promote general health & wellbeing. Benefits include; Improved circulation / Stimulate lymphatic drainage /Boost immune system / Reduced stiffness and improve flexibility / Improve sleep

Koren Hand Massage


Used widely in the Far East to treat health problems like RSA & Carpel Tunnel.  It involves massage of the hands & arms using acupressure points to relieve pain, clear meridians & restore health

Thai Herbal Compress

From £40.00

This treatment is not currently available.

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